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The changes and disruption the automotive industry has gone through in the past 2 years are enormous. Consumers have put every company involved in automotive commerce on notice; being able to provide them a consistent omni-channel retail experience has become paramount.

Consumers want the option to research, shop, compare, and even negotiate a vehicle purchase fully online. At the very least, they desire to shop online and complete the purchase seamlessly in the dealership. In order to be relevant and earn the consumers’ trust, OEMs, Lenders, traditional and digital retailers, Ad-Tech and marketing companies, CRM providers, and everyone in-between face the same challenge:

Earn the consumer’s trust by accommodating them in a manner they prefer to shop in general. If you are unable to compute and present the consumer with an all-inclusive and transactable payment – you have a problem!

Automotive Payments as a ServiceTM = solves “BIG Problems”

There are a lot of factors and data that must be taken into account – correctly – in order to quote dynamic car payments. By seamlessly combining Science, Technology and Data, our Automotive Payments as a ServiceTM solutions power Modern Retailing – and help solve “Big Problems”. Our database and fully-automated payment calculation platform take ALL factors into account – correctly – in order to quote truly accurate and dynamic car payments.

Market Scan’s foundation is built on the premise that there is only one scientifically-perfect solution for any conceivable automotive transaction, and any solution that is less than perfect is simply unacceptable.

Solutions that take all factors into account - correctly - can deliver scientific, Penny CertainTM payments. Solutions which don’t take all factors into account and/or compute payments correctly have serious implications for the stakeholders.

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Problems and challenges our Automotive Payments as a ServiceTM platform helps solve:

  • Digital Retailing Tech Companies - Any solution that is less than perfect results in quoting inaccurate payments to consumers
  • Ad-Tech and Marketing Companies - Any solution that is less than perfect fails to properly influence consumer behavior on behalf of their enterprise clients
  • Lenders and OEMs - Imperfect solutions result in lost market share and lower profitability
  • Dealers - Any solution that is less than perfect results in lost revenues, overlooked opportunities and upset customers
  • Consumers - From the consumer’s perspective, any solution that is less than perfect has one of three results
  1. The consumer is paying too much per month for what they are driving
  2. They are driving a lesser vehicle than what they can afford
  3. They simply pass on the transaction because it doesn’t fit their budget

Our APaaS™ solutions are agnostic (Switzerland) and we do not compete with any of our customers.

We employ agile development techniques to electronically aggregate Manufacturer, Lender, Municipality and Dealership Data.

We harness the power of cloud computing to calculate app. 400 million scientifically perfect, Penny Certain™ payments each day.

We guarantee our customers that the payment calculations we provide are:

  • All-inclusive
  • Defendable
  • Personalized
  • Compliant
  • Transactable
  • Fully fundable &
  • Penny CertainTM

In partnership with industry retail powerhouses, such as General Motors, Tekion, Dealer Inspire, Roadster, FRIKENtech, MotoInsight, Modal, and others, our mScanAPI™ powers more than 10,400 rooftops because of the unequaled and powerful benefits it offers:

  • Customized and dynamic user experience - all-inclusive, consistent, fully compliant and VIN-specific, transactionable payment quotes (yes, it’s mouthful but true!)
  • Seamless and customized integration in your existing or planned technology suite
  • Single call API – we’ll define the scope of your needs with you and provide the exact data and calculations you need to create all possible payment scenarios across all platforms in one call
  • Real time calculations – our API payment engine is fully-automatic and integrates all five classes of data which must be considered including dealer’s inventory: every payment is VIN-specific and considers any and all incentives, dealer pricing, i.e. the terms dealer is willing to transact at.
  • All-inclusive - Payment calculations are all-inclusive, including local, county and state TAXES & LICENSE FEES, (in every single state in the U.S.!). It doesn’t matter where the customer resides. Our database contains registration tax info in every zip code in the country. That empowers you to present personalized and geolocation specific payments.

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