By assessing your competitors’ market support programs in real-time, we empower you to capture market share without spending millions in incentive, rebate, and subvention support, unnecessarily!

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There is a reason the windshield is larger than the rearview mirror. Outperform your competition with access to competitive data 24/7 and get full visibility into every U.S. market to plan your future programs more accurately and efficiently.

One of the biggest challenges OEMs have, is to get a real-time, birds-eye-view of what the competition is doing in order to structure market support programs for the greatest success.

Our breakthrough analytics' solution mScope® can solve this challenge! It provides a complete Real-Time, in-market picture of competitors’ market support programs, and how your incentive and rebate program should be structured to provide the maximum yield. We help determine target acquisition® prices for each of your models to buy market share - at the right price, and without overspending.

Our leading technology platform aggregates all data and business intelligence you need to make accurate, timely, and location-specific decisions on everything from vehicle pricing to rebates. Our ability to aggregate this data into a one-stop-shop ecosystem eliminates the pricing guesswork that has made up legacy decision-making strategies for years within the industry. With that competitor insight, you will be able to determine exactly how much incentive and rebate to spend to arrive at a competitive, transactionable payment for each model variant to achieve the desired penetration and market share – in every market.

If you are interested in knowing the competitive position of your lease and retail finance offers compared to those of your competition – in every U.S. market – mScope® will give you that insight immediately, dynamically and 24/7. That insight includes:

  • The intelligence & data sophistication needed to optimize planning, monitoring & auditing of rebates & incentives and avoid overpaying to acquire/retain customers
  • Access to all the current & historical information needed to fully assess the effectiveness of OEM programs, forecast & model strategic scenarios, which results in missed intelligence to action on
  • Insight into how to sell as many cars as possible while minimizing the cost of acquisition [market share] through incentives and rebate spend
  • The ability to assess real time, nationally or locally by zip code level, to which extent incentives & rebates need to be applied to achieve desired objective globally, regionally or locally [market share or otherwise]
  • Immediate visibility of what incentives and rebates competitors will support their dealers within upcoming month
  • Including dealer cash options, MSRP to Payment comparison
  • The ability to measure effect of incentive and rebate program spend versus that of competitive lender programs
  • The ability to bridge payment disconnects from OEM websites to dealer and third-party websites

For in-depth details on how our mScope® analytics solutions can help you, click here or call 866.658.7226

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“I have been using Market Scan for over ten years and it makes it so much easier to make a deal.”

JJ Wilkenson, General Manager, Ken Garf Honda

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