If you really want to provide the consumer an optimal experience, payments quoted MUST be all-inclusive!

We help you deliver VIN specific ads with exact payment calculations including tax and fee information for every VIN, state, county and zip code in the U.S.

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Taxes & Fees

Help improve your client’s ad performance with exact payments on each VIN in their inventory.

Consumers are tired of being lured by advertised payments that are generic and simply don’t understand why the monthly payment they were quoted in an ad or online is different when they get into the store.

As a result, nearly 50% of consumers will walk away from the deal if the advertised monthly payment quote is different than in the dealership.

The good news is – it doesn’t have to be that way:

Our mScanAPI® enables you to run ads for your clients with integrated payment calculations to provide the consumer an accurate and consistent buying experience transition from online to the dealership – and to the penny!

By combining science and technology, we aggregate, sort and match all the data that goes into creating exact payment calculations; it is no easy feat and it has taken us decades to perfect!

Tax and dealer fee information is the most complex and difficult to collect and incorporate to calculate VIN specific and exact, transactable payments. Taxes and fees fall within the “Municipality” class of data that must be considered and applied correctly. Taxes and fees are different for every state – every county, every city and can ever vary from one ZIP code to the next. The complexity is nothing short of enormous! If that sounds exhausting, don’t worry, our revolutionary digital retailing technology makes it possible.

Without the exact tax and fee information relative to the deal structure on each VIN, you are running the risk of losing your customer by providing an “almost” exact payment - and the consumer turning off completely! An “almost” payment presented through advertising or online, which doesn’t include all pertinent and required data, taxes and fees, will inevitably lead to a different payment being presented in the store. And that’s bad – both for your business as well as for the consumer. The worst part of that business practice: it can be avoided - by using mScanAPI®!

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