If you are providing consumers generic price quotes on your national manufacturer website, you are doing them a disservice by not providing them the experience they now expect!

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Everyone involved in automotive retailing has a vital role to play, but ultimately, the consumer’s actions drive change. Innately, OEMs have a relationship with consumers, who have a myriad of reasons why they buy into the premise of a particular brand. Allure, exclusivity, value-for-money, etc., the reasons are many. What every consumer has in common, however, is that they are growing more and more impatient with the disparate experience when shopping for a new car.

Consumers increasingly prefer to buy a vehicle from their couch, or at the very least: shop for a car online and complete it seamlessly in the dealership. Unfortunately, the experience is not what it should be, and customers simply don’t understand, why the down payment and the monthly payment they were quoted online are different, when they get into the store.

As a result, nearly 50% of consumers will walk away from the deal if the online monthly payment quote is different than in the dealership.

mScanAPI® can help you and your dealers sell more cars by providing the consumers precise and VIN-specific payments to the penny – both online and in the showroom. It is not difficult – and you owe it to the consumer!

Instead of providing the consumers a generic configurator experience, mScanAPI® empowers you to provide the consumers a cohesive shopping experience across channels; from your national website to the dealer’s website and any touch point in-between.

Our integrated Automotive Payments as a Service™ payment calculation platform makes our solutions uniquely relevant and enables you to provide the consumers the modern retailing experience they prefer – irrespective of where the consumer is shopping, online or in the store! It doesn’t matter where the customer resides. Our calculation technology considers registration tax in every zip code in the country. That empowers you to present the consumer with personalized, geolocation and VIN specific payments, which take all factors into account – including dealer’s terms and conditions, under which the dealer is willing to transact.

mScanAPI® is the heart in our Automotive Payments as a Service™ platform; it embodies the industry’s most comprehensive database and most sophisticated calculation technology and takes every critical data point into account from all 5 main sectors of the market:

  • Manufacturer
  • Lender
  • Retailer
  • Municipality
  • Consumer

For in-depth details on our industry leading data-set, click here

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“I have been using Market Scan for over ten years and it makes it so much easier to make a deal.”

JJ Wilkenson, General Manager, Ken Garf Honda

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