You no longer need to rely on historic, transactional data to predict the future!

Design precise and targeted incentive and rebate programs – in REAL-TIME - with full visibility of every OEM’s incentive and rebate program currently in use.

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If you had a crystal ball, giving you the ability to see what effect your rebate and incentive spend would have – would you change your business practice? If we give you tens of $$ millions of reasons – why wouldn’t you!

OEMs’ sales volume and market share are a function of product appeal and how much is spent to influence consumer behavior. The manner in which OEMs determine rebates and incentives is flawed, ineffective - and simply outdated!

OEMs use last month’s and outdated, historic data to design rebates and incentive market support programs. Why? “Cause and effect” post-mortem analyses are performed to confirm what worked, and to determine why the planned sales volume was not achieved, or market share objectives not met – perhaps both, hoping their incentive and rebate spend will have a higher impact next month!

What if...

  • …you had real-time in-market data for all of your models – and every competitor’s make and model, in every market?
  • …you could target, adjust, and re-target your market/model support to be more effective and efficient – and could do so daily?
  • …you could observe all competitor moves and respond appropriately to win greater share, while reducing your total incentive spend 20-50%?
  • …you could actually look through the front windshield rather than the rearview mirror to make your incentive decision? (There’s a reason why the windshield is larger than the rearview mirror)
  • …you had just the right balance of incentive support/rate subvention/residual risk by model and market – and could tweak these to be more successful and not overspend?
  • …you could spend less to retail more cars – and generate happier consumers, happier dealers – and a happier board?

What if you had a solution that did all of the above – and much more…and did so affordably?

We have that solution for you - our mScope® answers all of the above questions, and with that - provides you a tool which will save you $$ Millions!

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mScope® is that "REAL-TIME" crystal ball solution! Instead of looking back – assess your position, and how much you need to spend to influence consumer behavior, using REAL-TIME competitor data!

mScope® is a break-through, first-of-its-kind analytics solution, which provides OEMs the ability to design precise and targeted incentive and rebate programs – in REAL-TIME - an OEM can determine target acquisition® prices for each of their models down to the local, ZIP-code and geo-specific market level, to buy the market share - at the right price!

The “Target Acquisition®” functionality in mScope® is a game changer: it enables OEMs to define their incentive, rebate and subvention support for both retail and leasing to determine exact ‘target-acquisition’, model specific pricing. Target Acquisition® affords OEMs to achieve the desired sales volume and market share with sniper-like precision – without overspending!

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It may be hard to believe, so let us give you a glimpse of what’s in our crystal ball and show you – in REAL TIME - how we can help you save millions of dollars each month.

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