Provide consistent and integrated payment calculations - everywhere and every time.

Market Scan® has led the industry with the most advanced retailing and software solutions since 1988. For us, digital retailing is nothing new. Today, more than 10,500 rooftops are powered by our solutions, which define modern automotive retailing.

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Whether you are a technology company, an established multi-rooftop service provider or a brand-new online start-up with a great marketing proposition, your challenge is to provide the consumer with a frictionless and consistent shopping experience. That means providing them accurate, all-inclusive and fully transact-able payment quotes.

We are Automotive Payments as a ServiceTM

We provide integrated payment calculations so you can facilitate modern retailing – online or in the store!

Our mScanAPI® enables you to accommodate consumers in a manner they expect by providing them exact, consistent payment quotes across online retail channels and in the store. Our integrated payment calculations aggregate real-time data across the entire automotive industry to ensure an accurate and consistent buying experience transition from online to the dealership – and to the penny!

By doing so, we help make sure this common problem does not occur:

As many as 48% of consumers will walk if the difference between the online - and showroom offer is less than $75 per month!

Integrated Payment Calculations Circle

More than 10,500 rooftops have chosen our solutions because of the unequaled benefits our mScanAPI® offers:

  • Providing the consumer personal, all-inclusive and consistent transaction able payment quotes
  • Seamless integration in your existing technology
  • Single call API
  • Real time calculations – our API payment engine is fully-automatic and integrates dealer’s inventory: every payment is VIN-specific and considers any and all incentives, dealer pricing, i.e. the terms dealer is willing to transact at
  • Payment calculations are all-inclusive, including local, county and state TAXES & LICENSE FEES, (in every single state in the U.S.!).

No other company in the industry aggregates the complete data-set, which must be considered in every lease or retail finance offer presented to a consumer.

Our mScanAPI® embodies the industry’s most comprehensive database and most sophisticated calculation technology – it takes every critical data point into account from all 5 main sectors of the market:






For in-depth details on our industry leading data-set, click here