Are you running ads for your clients with generic prices simply because you don't have all the data necessary?!

Why not run ads with truly accurate, all-inclusive, compliant and transact-able payments - when you can!

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Critical Data for Advertising and Marketing

The automotive industry is challenged to move away from running generic advertising and marketing in order to provide a more cohesive and seamless consumer buying experience from online to showroom.

Many companies involved in automotive commerce are facing new challenges because of changes in consumer behavior. It is quite clear that consumers’ actions drive change. Consumers prefer to buy a vehicle from the comfort of their home, or at the very least: shop for a car online and complete it. A 3 hour in-store buying experience is no longer accepted. Consumers don't understand why the monthly payment consumers are quoted online, is different when they get into the store. And quite frankly - the monthly payment, they were quoted online, is different when they get into the store. And quite frankly – nor do we; it doesn’t have to be that way!

We know you play a critical role in helping your clients provide the consumer a better experience; we also know that you’re facing a host of challenges in doing so:

  • Eliminate the difference in payment between advertised payment and transactable payment at dealership (or as close as legally possible)
  • Provide the consumer a personalized experience and payment quote(s) based on available inventory
  • Help your client improve CSI scores
  • Overcome the challenge to manage local vs. national programs
  • Strike a balance, even eliminate misalignment between marketing messages and payment quotes at dealership
  • Manage different franchise programs (incentives, rebates, captive) to provide the consumers the right pricing
  • Maintain and apply dealership quoting rules (incl. lenders)
  • Personalize payments based on dealer inventory & location
  • Source and manage data and technology
  • Retain customers / loyalty

Our mScanAPI® offsets or even eliminates these challenges; our solutions afford agencies intelligent and credible differentiation and enables payment personalization for both acquisition and retention campaigns. In fact, our solutions empower you to provide the consumers what your clients have engaged you to serve up on their behalf:

Personalized, consistent and all-inclusive consumer payments that seamlessly fit into omni-channel applications.

We guarantee that the API feed our mScanAPI® we will provide you will ensure that the consumer payment quotes you offer are:

  • Customized
  • Accurate
  • Compliant
  • All-inclusive
  • Transactable

mScanAPI® is the heart of the industry’s most comprehensive database and most sophisticated calculation technology – it takes every critical data point into account from all 5 main sectors of the market:

  • Manufacturer
  • Lender
  • Retailer
  • Municipality
  • Consumer

For in-depth details on our industry leading data-set, click here

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