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From online to showroom, car buyers require – and deserve - a more seamless car buying experience.

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Consumers (and Pandemics) Drive Change… (DUH!)

The Pandemic changed…well, everything… Pre-pandemic, many consumers already preferred to shop for (even buy) a vehicle from their couch. Post-pandemic? That desire is pretty much unanimous. After all, we all now buy lots of items online with a couple “clicks”.

mScanAPI® helps deliver a cohesive – and improved Consumer Experience!

In every other online purchase, a consumer is quoted the item’s price while shopping, and that price stays consistent through sale and delivery. Why is this so difficult in automotive retailing?

It needn’t be. mScanAPI® solves that problem, enabling consistent, effective, profitable Digital Retailing.

From a recent survey we conducted, we know that nearly 50% of consumers will walk away from the deal (and the dealership) if the online monthly payment quote is different from that received in the dealership.

In order to be relevant today, any company involved in automotive retailing must be able to offer a more convenient, consistent and frictionless consumer-centric shopping experience – across all channels, as well as in the store. Generic price quotes are no longer acceptable.

The completeness of our DATA, and the SCIENCE we apply to it, make our solutions uniquely relevant to serve up completely personalized, VIN-specific payment calculations; from online to showroom, for each customer – every time – and all along the way.

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Don’t take our words for it! Companies like General Motors, Roadster, Dealer Inspire, FRIKINtech, MotoInsight and a host of other retail powerhouses have chosen Market Scan’s® mScanAPI® to power their modern retailing solutions, which help provide the consumer a vastly enhanced experience.

Let us save you years of development and millions in technology investment. Allow us to do the heavy lifting, so you can seamlessly and easily quote the most competitive, Penny Certain™ and fully compliant payments for each vehicle and every consumer in every market – every time.