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Data is akin to fuel - it enables you to get from point A to B, or even A to Z. Without it you’re stuck. Without the right kind and enough of it – you may not reach where you want to go!

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Do you have all the pieces to complete
your puzzle?

Missing vital pieces of data can mean the difference between quoting a generic consumer payment or quoting an all-inclusive, transactionable consumer payment. This challenge may be limiting your technical ability to close more deals, or even worse: the consumer may be turned off completely because the payments obtained from your business are different based on where and how the prices are obtained (online versus in the showroom)!

Whether you are a technology company, an established multi-rooftop service provider or a brand-new online start-up, you are going to need data. The question is what data and how much data you need? Have you defined that?

If your ambition is to provide the consumer a great shopping experience, we can help you. Our mScanAPI® can deliver exactly what you need; We can provide you sub-sets of data or the complete and customized, turn-key data bundle.

Both the completeness of our data, and the science we apply to it, make our solutions uniquely relevant to serve up completely personalized, VIN specific payment calculations; from online to showroom, for each customer - every time.

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No other company in the industry aggregates the complete data-set, which must be considered in every lease or retail finance offer presented to a consumer.

Our mScanAPI® embodies the industry’s most comprehensive database and most sophisticated calculation technology – it takes every critical data point into account from all 5 main sectors of the market:






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