"Big Data without Science is just Noise"

Rusty West, President & CEO Market Scan

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One of Market Scan’s core competencies is data. Our data lake includes all data points that are integral to any company involved in automotive commerce. We have perfected the ingestion and management of data. Our data is available to our clients in a live format where precision and completeness is a non-negotiable standard.

It is a given that data is a foundational requirement to stand a chance to compete for the consumers’ business. While accuracy, relevancy and timeliness are important attributes of any data set, those are now considered table stakes. More challenging is ensuring the completeness of the data and the sophistication of the science that makes the data useful in a given application.

At Market Scan, we take great pride in both the completeness of our data and the science we apply to our data, which make our solutions incredibly relevant across the automotive industry.



For the past three decades, Market Scan® has developed and maintains the industry’s largest and finest database for automotive commerce – the most relevant, most accurate, most timely, most comprehensive and most sophisticated database of its kind. Only Market Scan® tracks every rule, parameter, policy and factor that can influence an automotive transaction.

Equal in importance is the Science we apply to manipulate this massive data lake; the methodologies and algorithms for accessing and deploying the scientifically-perfect programs and quotes for every consumer, every vehicle in every scenario – hundreds of millions of times every day.

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The five main sectors of the market that need to be accurately represented and considered in every offer presented to a consumer are:


Every vehicle, model and trim offered by every OEM; all of their respective incentives and rebates including all of their compatibility and “stackability” rules, as well as VIN-specific, targeted offers.


Every program offered by every lender in the Country, including every parameter, policy and factor that can influence any automotive transaction.


Each dealer’s individual fee structure, packs, vehicle mark-ups, lender relationships and specific reserve policies.


All state, county, and local laws, rules, regulations, tax percentage rates and proper tax calculations.


All consumer credit bands, and how those are segmented and considered by every OEM and Lender. Market Scan® tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy, factor and rule that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction.

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We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the depth and “Intel within” of our data. When paired with our proprietary calculation engine, our database is without equal in the industry. Call 866.658.7226 or contact us here.