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Car buyers increasingly turn to the internet to do their research, browsing and shopping and it is in your interest that your lease or finance offer is being considered from the onset of the consumer’s shopping journey. Whether you are a Captive lender or Credit Union, it is in your interest to help move the consumer down their path to purchase. The critical key to that is to offer transparent calculation and financing tools that support lease, loan and payment call applications designed to drive loan applications.

Our mScanAPI® solution can help you do that, and in turn you will deliver finance-ready customers right to your dealer partners.

Credit applications and payment calculations are the foundation of online car buying. If you try to build a digital retailing offering on a foundation that is not complete or solid, it will lead to major issues and risks throughout the deal process.

Our mScanAPI® can help establish your efficient financing workflows and precise, all-inclusive payment calculations that will help mitigate risks. As part of our Automotive Payments as a Service™ platform, our solutions empower you to provide your clients or retailers what they need to offer the improved online experience their shoppers expect.

Our integrated API payment calculations will help deliver your modern retailing offer – irrespective of where the consumer is shopping, online or in the store! Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where the customer resides. Our database contains registration tax info for every zip code in the country. That empowers you to present personalized and geolocation specific payments.

More than 10,500 rooftops have chosen our solutions because of the unequaled benefits our mScanAPI® offers:

  • Providing the consumer personal, all-inclusive and consistent transactionable payment quotes
  • Seamless integration within your existing technology
  • Real time calculations – our mScanAPI® payment engine is fully-automatic and integrates dealer’s inventory: every payment is VIN-specific and considers any and all incentives, dealer pricing, i.e. the terms dealer is willing to transact at
  • Payment calculations are all-inclusive, including local, county and state TAXES & LICENSE FEES, (in every single state in the U.S.!)
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