Providing generic automotive lease or finance payment quotes just isn’t good enough.

Consumers deserve and demand price quotes that are precise and consistent across advertising, what’s presented online and in the showroom.

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Generic price quotes just aren’t cutting it in today’s automotive retail market. And yet, generic price quoting and advertising continue to create a false narrative. Consumers are frustrated and are expecting better. Imagine if the price you were provided when shopping on Amazon changed, when you went to check out. Would you be ok with that? How many consumers do you think would be ok with that?!

So why does the industry think that the common practice to offer a car at a certain lease of finance payment is ok, when the price changes when the consumer is ready to transact?!

To be relevant today, any company involved in automotive retailing must be able to offer a more convenient, consistent, and frictionless consumer-centric shopping experience.

Our mScanAPI® can help you make that happen!

The successful consumer buying experience must include accurate and consistent payment quotes on all touchpoints throughout that journey!

Advertising and marketing agencies play a key role in providing the much improved modern retailing experience. The fact is, if you don’t have all the tools at your disposal, you will continue to provide a mediocre service for your clients and an unacceptable experience for the consumer. Garbage in – garbage out!

It does not have to be that way, and we are here to help you! We know the consumers prefer to buy a vehicle from the comfort of their home, or at the very least: shop for a car online and complete the deal seamlessly in the dealership. Given your current tools, we understand this presents a huge challenge for you.

mScanAPI® within our Automotive Payments as a Service™ platform helps increase your client’s satisfaction as well as the consumer’s trust by providing price quotes that are all-inclusive and transactable. What’s also important is that these payments are consistent, irrespective of where the consumer is shopping.

So why can we solve your challenges unlike any other company in the space? That is a great question!

Both the completeness of our data, and the science we apply to it, make our solutions uniquely relevant to serve up completely personalized, VIN specific payment calculations; from online to showroom, for each customer - every time.

Don’t take our words for it! Companies like General Motors, Roadster, Dealer Inspire, FRIKINtech, MotoInsight and a host of other retail powerhouses have chosen our mScanAPI® to power their modern retailing solutions, providing the consumer a vastly enhanced experience.

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