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Never miss an opportunity to close a deal! Get exact payment calculations including tax and fee information for each VIN, dealership, state, county and zip code in the U.S.

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Combining science and technology to gather, sort and match all the data that goes into creating exact payment calculations is no easy feat; the good news is we are doing it for you, so you don’t have to! We have developed the science and calculation technology, empowering you to serve up customized Penny Certain™ consumer payment calculations on every vehicle – every time.

Tax and dealer fee information is the most complex and difficult to collect and incorporate into an exact, transactable payment. It requires incorporating data from every dealership, every vehicle by the VIN and every state individually- or combined. Taxes and fees are different for every state – every county, and every city. The complexity is nothing short of enormous!

The answer to offset that complexity is mScanAPI®.Without the exact tax and fee information relative to the deal structure on each VIN, you are running the risk of losing your customer by providing an “almost” exact payment - and the consumer turning off completely! An “almost” payment presented online, which doesn’t include all pertinent and required data, taxes and fees, based on specific prescriptive rules as well as dealer's interpretations, will inevitably lead to a different payment being presented in the store. And that’s bad – both for your business as well as for the consumer. The worst part of that business practice: it can be avoided.

We can help you deliver cohesive, consistent and all-inclusive payments to include any and all necessary taxes and fees. In fact, our mScanAPI® enables us to provide you sub-sets of data or the complete and customized, turn-key data bundle.

Both the completeness of our data, and the science we apply to it, make our solutions uniquely relevant to serve up completely personalized, VIN specific payment calculations; from online to showroom, for each customer - every time.

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Market Scan® is the only company in the industry that can provide taxes and fees for every zip code in the Union with the level of precision and granularity mScanAPI® does. Supported by the completeness of the industry's most sophisticated database, which encompasses all critical data points from all 5 main sectors of the market, mScanAPI® delivers an on-time and exact data feed to meet your needs.