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mDrive® is an award-winning customer engagement solution and mobile App, designed to maximize your profit potential on each deal, complementing your current sales process. It will deliver a streamlined and much enhanced retail experience for the consumer - this is MODERN RETAILING!

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The Dealer that presents the right car and the exact payment in the fastest and most transparent way, wins the business!!

The Moment of Truth

When the customer realizes:

  1. They cannot get enough for their trade-in
  2. They cannot afford the vehicle they are interested in
  3. The car they came in for is no longer available

When that moment happens, the sales person has approximately 5 minutes to present a new option.

One of the unique characteristics in mDrive® is Payment Value Index® (PVI®), which is ideally suited to meet this challenge. The PVI® search option empowers the sales person to immediately offer the customer smart alternatives to the car he or she had in mind. Show your customers a list of cars in your inventory ranked by PVI®, the best "bang for their buck"!

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Why mDrive?

mDrive® helps deliver the modern retailing experience to meet – as well as exceed – your customers’ expectations. Of equal importance: it enables sales management to maintain full control over the sales process and to maximize your profit potential on each deal!

Improve the experience

  • Provides a smart and digital transition from online to the showroom, where payments quoted are all inclusive, consistent – and transactable
  • Presents customers with highest value inventory options

Maximize your Profitability

  • Maximizes gross margin on every deal with management’s full control over first pencil variables
  • Helps engage customers who’d normally leave without a car; mDrive® helps showcase options faster and more precisely using your 1st Pencil deal structure; it will help sell more cars!

Leverage Sales Efficiency

  • mDrive® works seamlessly with your existing sales mgt. tools - including your existing desking solution - and helps expedite your sales process
  • It shortens the sales process, raises CSI scores and improves sales staff’s effectiveness
  • Safeguards that all payments quoted precisely consider all OEM programs, eliminating deals being kicked by the manufacturer because rebates or incentives were not applied correctly
  • Acts as a sales enabler; helps sell more vehicles with increased customer trust and deal transparency

How It Works

With mDrive®, your sales professionals can easily present fundable first pencils of your entire inventory and according to your predefined selling rules keeping management in total control.

Every day, mDrive® automatically calculates thousands of fundable payments per vehicle in your inventory by taking all factors into account. These factors include vehicle pricing, OEM incentive data, all published lender programs, consumer credit band factors, tax & registration fees and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the terms and conditions under which the dealer is willing to transact.

These payments can be searched, filtered & presented in our mobile or desktop App

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1. Select Criteria

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Search the first pencil of your entire inventory by cash, miles, term, payment, trade or credit score.

2. What can I drive?®

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Easy to read search results and filtering by category, make, model, color and more!

3. What are my payments?

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Once a vehicle is selected, fine tune the transaction by payment or upfront cash.

4. Push deal via email

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The complete deal structure can be sent via email in a PDF format, allowing the management team to integrate the deal into the DMS in seconds.


White Glove Support

mDrive is designed to deliver the retail experience consumers have come to expect when shopping in general. In order for you to be successful using mDrive, we are prepared to provide you the highest level of service and support, similarly to what the consumers expect from you.

No Hassle Installation

mDrive complements your existing sales process and tools. We help set the terms and conditions under which you are willing to transact, sync your inventory, and confirm payments match to your DMS. That's it!

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated performance manager, who will provide all the training and support you need.

24/7 Technical Support

We are there for you whenever you need us. Our commitment to you is to provide the level of service and support we have delivered to the industry for the past 32 years. We provide technical support, literally 24/7!

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mDrive® enables you to effectively present a consumer with the right car at the preferred payment. By providing the customer relevant inventory options right away, you stand a much improved chance to earn more business.

mDrive® was designed to empower the salesperson to easily present management controlled first pencils of all the vehicles in dealer's inventory to their customers. Once a customer selects a vehicle, the salesperson can fine tune the payment, considering customer's mileage usage and preferred term and the amount of cash down.

Two mDrive® features help make that happen:

What Can I Drive?®

mDrive® accurately answers the consumer’s age-old question - "What Can I Drive?" mDrive® takes everything into consideration to provide a consumer with a list of vehicles that meet his or her criteria and preferences, based upon:

  • Consumer’s Credit Score
  • Consumer’s Budget
  • Consumer’s Driving Habits
  • Dealership’s Terms and Conditions for Each Scenario
  • Dealership’s Lender Relationships
  • Manufacturer’s Rebates and Incentives

mDrive® enables your sales professionals to instantly create a list of all vehicles in your inventory that meet the above criteria, ranked by each vehicle’s “PVI®” (Payment Value Index® – the most “bang for their buck”).

What are my Payments?

The “What are my Payments?” functionality within the mDrive® app enables a consumer to

  • Take a close look at dealer’s inventory from a payment lens
  • Pick the preferred car – based on highest PVI® (“best bang for their buck“)
  • Select/change down payment, preferred monthly payment and term

Traditionally, the consumer does not have the ability to see - in REAL-TIME - how changes in the down payment affects the monthly payments, vice versa – on a specific VIN. Normally, the consumer is relying on the sales person to provide payment options. mDrive® and “What are my Payments” changes that!

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Put 1st pencil and your dealer inventory in the hands of your customers; mDrive will enhance your sales process - and facilitate modern retailing!

The mDrive App changes the sales person/consumer dynamics; it empowers the consumer to make decisions when - and whereever, and provides the convenience consumers have become accustomed to. And don't worry; your terms and conditions, under which you're willing to transact, are fully taken into account!

Features within “What Are My Payments?” include:

  • Higher PVI Alert: Based on selected inventory and selected preferences, the user will be alerted if a better deal is available
  • Lease, Retail and Cash Deals
  • Seamless correlation between “What Can I Drive?” and “What Are My Payments?”

The payments quoted on every vehicle correctly consider the consumer’s individual buying criteria and credit profile, proper application of all rebates, all of the lenders’ rules and policies, correct taxation – and all of dealer’s margins, fees and mark-ups.


mDrive® Testimonial by Trend Motors, Rockaway, New Jersey


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