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Market Scan was founded on the premise that there is only one scientifically-perfect solution for any conceivable automotive transaction, and any solution that is less than perfect is simply unacceptable. We have not wavered from that position. Market Scan continues to evolve Automotive Commerce by combining Science, Technology and Data to transform the industry.

Market Scan Logo
Market Scan has been a market leader since it was founded in 1988 – and we continue to lead the Fintech revolution with our cutting edge technologies.

About Market Scan®

Market Scan® was founded in 1988 by Father-Son team Russell and Rusty West with a single vision: build a world-class desking platform to fit every customer’s financing and leasing needs like a driving glove, while returning the highest profit margin possible to the dealership.

Market Scan® has evolved to become a leading provider of technology and analytical solutions for the various stake holders in the automotive industry. The company's proprietary technology and analytics mine value from vast amounts of data to enable efficient, frictionless and scientifically accurate transactions. 

Market Scan's solutions facilitate easier, more complete, competitive and accurate results, enabling automotive dealers, lenders and manufacturers to provide better products, experiences and profitability. This allows our clients to service their customers optimally and maximize market share. 

Vision - Our “Why”

Market Scan® lives to evolve automotive commerce by combining science, technology
and data to transform the industry

Mission - our “How”

We employ agile development techniques to electronically aggregate Manufacturer, Lender, Municipality and Dealership Data and we harness the power of cloud computing to calculate hundreds of millions of Penny Certain™ payments every day

Position/Promise - our “What”

We provide scientifically perfect solutions for any conceivable automotive transaction

Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars

Market Scan’s foundation is built on the premise that there is only one scientifically-perfect solution for any conceivable automotive transaction, and any solution that is less than perfect is simply unacceptable. The foundational elements of our brand are core to what we do, what we offer and remain consistent over time.

Market Scan’s brand pillars are intrinsically connected; they are paramount to everything we do to ensure we live up to the brand promise.

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Our Mission

We lead the automotive Fintech revolution, creating cutting edge technology, empowering dealers, lenders, manufacturers and consumers to make scientifically perfect decisions regarding every conceivable automotive transaction.

Market Scan Mission Icon

Our Vision

Our software and data services are integral in changing the car-buying experience for the better – forever. We are driven to ensure that we impact our team, partners, clients, consumers, communities and the automotive industry with positivity, clarity, and insight.

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Our Team

Market Scan® is extraordinary and leads the Fintech revolution because of the pride, commitment and talent of our team.

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Our History

Market Scan® was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by father and son team Russell and Rusty West. Russell was a visionary pioneer of auto leasing.

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We have achieved our industry leader position through a constant drive to innovate, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Market Scan's Values

Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Positivity, Drive, Tenacity, Accountability, Resilience, Ingenuity, Innovation, Discovery and Excellence.

Desking Solutions

Market Scan's desking solutions compute immediate and scientifically accurate, Penny Certain payment quotes, taking all market programs and factors into account. Your store will be more competitive, more accurate, more compliant, more transparent and not least - more profitability.

How about the customer? With significantly less time spent during the sales transaction, the customer experience will improve dramatically, and with that - your CSI scores improve.

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Analysis Tools

Market Scan's data aggregators and analysis tools provide unparalleled, up-to-the-minute Continental U.S. and micro-market competitor and bank/lender data and intel.

Our state-of-the-art analysis tools analyze every competitor’s published lease and retail finance programs. It eliminates the guess-work and enables banks, lenders and OEMs to make scientifically intelligent decisions to create targeted and effective incentive and dealer support programs – based on facts.

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“It's so much easier than doing it like we did in the old days.”

Casey Clinge, Hedrick Chevy

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